Here’s what you will learn and experience:


  • how to anticipate what’s coming next to your market, from the tech leaders in China: voice-activated technology, “new retail”, social commerce, AI, O2O and OTT
  • how the world’s biggest agencies are under threat from the consulting firms – and why this is such an opportunity for independent agencies
  • how agencies can create new revenue streams in partnership with the entertainment industries: movies, gaming, and an extraordinary initiative with young film-makers
  • why the roles of your clients are changing: will CMO’s and CCO’s all become CXO’s and CIO’s? and how are these changes influencing clients’ expectations of their agencies?
  • the four key steps to dramatically change the growth trajectory of your agency – from entrepreneurs who have built and sold some of the world’s best
  • an in-depth look at the near-future of content: how to make it sticky, how it builds customer relationships as well as experiences - and why media and creativity can no longer live apart
  • and a dramatic finale as “worlds collide” – from Italy to China, from local to global, how are brands being built in today’s always-on, mobile world

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